An unforgettable taste of the French Engineering School System

Ever heard of "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"? This is the French Master of Excellence... What is it excellent for?

First, the students. They are highly selected after their A-levels to enter a two or three-year preparatory class-program where they have to master fundamentals in maths and physics in order to prepare for a nationwide competitive entrance exam to "Grandes Ecoles".
Then, the school. These students are far more well tutored than in classic French Universities. In fact, besides the classic lecture type of courses, Engineering School students have tutorials and practical work in small groups (labs).
Finally, the job. Engineers who get the "diplôme d'ingénieur" generally find a job within six months after graduation. Some of them also continue for a PhD.

The goal of FAME is to let you taste our best education from within, during a semester, through courses taught in English and transferable credits so you don't waste your time either.

FAME at a glance

What is it?

FAME is a spring semester study abroad program, taught in English by professors at ENSEA, one of the top schools in Electrical Engineering in France.


ENSEA is located in Cergy, France, 35 minutes from the center of Paris. Students will take courses here.

When did the FAME program start?

FAME started in Spring 2008 with IIT, UB and ENSEA as initial partners for the development of the program and organization of the courses and verification of course transferability. As of 2011, 8 US partner institutions have joined the program.

How many students have attended the FAME Program since its inception?

More than 50 students from all our partners.

What is the minimum and maximum number of students the FAME program can accommodate?

8 - 20 students.

Is there a required quota per school?


Who is eligible?

Students in their third year of an undergraduate ABET-accredited degree program with a major in Electrical or Computer Engineering or Computer Science. FAME program will perfectly match their junior year Spring Semester.

What are the courses currently being offered to FAME students?

Electronic Circuits, Computer Architecture and Introduction to Microprocessors, Signals & Systems, Communication Systems, French Language & Culture, Power Engineering, Probability & Statistics, Operating Systems, Algorithms Design & Analysis
Students are requested to take a minimum of 4 courses (12 credit hours) among which French Language and Culture is compulsory.
For more details, you can take a look here.

Are all the courses transferable?

Each course is transferable as the courses offered are in accordance with the ABET-accredited Electrical and Computer Engineering curriculum.

What is the cost for the FAME program?

With bilateral partnerships : program & tuition fees are 3,500 Euros with a 500-Euro discount if a school sends a minimum of 3 students.

When is the payment due?

A non-refundable deposit of 500 Euros is to be wired to ENSEA by October,15th.
However, this deposit will be refunded if the program cannot open due to an insufficient number of participants. The decision will be announced no later than October,30th.
The additional payment is due upon arrival.

What are the approximate dates for the Spring semester?

Mid-January to end May.

When is the deadline to apply for the FAME program?

October 15th, of the previous year.

What are the application requirements?

Application form, transcripts certified, letter from your school certifying your eligibility for the program, and an outline of courses you should take that are offered, and approved by your academic adviser. Courses signed up for are the courses students are committed to take. Drop/Add will be permitted on a case by case basis only if it does not affect the scheduling and organization of the program.

What about housing (room and board)?

Options for housing will be provided by ENSEA with a list of costs and room type (single or double) sometime in November of the previous year. Each student must indicate his/her preference so that the required rooms may be booked in advance. Room rates may vary from 500 €uros per month to 650 €uros per month for a single. The estimated cost for food and local transport is about 300 €uros per month.

What are the benefits of the program?

Transferability of courses, experience in a foreign culture, courses offered in English, relatively low cost (scholarships, loans from existing financial aid may be applied to the program), better employability in the future.

Whom to contact?

Prof. C. Sabouraud-Muller
Prof. Philippe Marc
Dr V. Misquita
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